Don`t be a FOOL

As I drove home, I thought about how cold it was to walk to my truck! The wind felt like ice against my skin. Then I thought why in the world, would anyone want to be a FOOL! Yes, a FOOL! The bible says, anyone who says, there is no God, is a fool!

Hear is what I pondered on.... The wind blows, but you can not see the wind! But you see the evidences, that wind does exist, as you feel it hit your skin! As the trees sway back and forth, and as the waves crashes on the beach!

The evidences that there is a God, stares back at each of us, as we peer into a mirror! There is a mighty God that has given you two hands! Feet, brain, eyes, lip, nose, and the BREATH of life itself!

Now I ask this question to myself, why would anyone want to be a FOOL and say there is no God! Hmmmmmmm

Psalms 14

14 The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”

They are corrupt, they do abominable deeds,

there is none who does good.


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