Growing in Christ: Greater works

I want you to promise God, never to look back! Never to go back to what the Spirit, has said is done away with ! I promise the Lord, that I would never allow myself to doubt His word!

There's one thing about a baby: he takes all that comes to him. A so -call Prudent man, lets his reason cheat him out of God's best. But a baby takes all the milk his mother brings, an even tries to swallow the bottle. 

The baby can't walk, but the mother carries him, the baby can't dress himself, but the mother dresses him. The baby can't even talk. Similarity, in the life of the spirit, God undertakes to do what we cannot do.

We are carried along by Him. He clothes us, and gives us utterance. Oh that we all had the simplicity of babes!

Smith wigglesworth

I am really enjoying this book! if your looking for a powerful faith building book ! You don't want to pass this one up!


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