Kindle Book Review: Finding Truth Among the Mysteries

Absolutely loved it! But who does not love, reading a faith based book? Not only is this book very inspiring, but it will rekindled your faith to believe that all things are possible through Christ!
The author, Sara Lowe, has conveyed a beautiful story of hope, and miracles in which Christ alone can perform! She also has great scripture references, to shed light on many biblical questions, regarding healing and faith.

If your looking to rekindle your faith in the impossible! If your looking for hope, and an encouraging message! Look no farther ! This is a must have book, of the year! The author shares a story of her recounts of her mother`s healing, from the dreadful sickness of tuberculous.  it is a truly, inspiring message, on the power of faith, and healing through Christ Jesus.

I highly recommend this book! called "Healing: Finding Truth Among the Mysteries"
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