How we can completely trust God

How can we completely trust God?

In the journey of faith, trials are not just difficult times that we as humans go through; they are great opportunities to deepen our trust in God. As believers, we often find ourselves facing challenges that test and exercise our faith. However, these trials are not a sign of God has abandoned us but an opportunity which us can learn to rely more fully on Him rather than on our own understanding or other supports like people, friends, family, and money.

Understanding the Nature of Trials

Difficult Trials come in various forms such as health issues loss of a job, passing of a loved one, or betrayal. It's human to feel the burden of the trial. Yet, these moments are powerful reminders that our dependence should be on Jesus as He will never leave us or forsake us. In 2 Corinthians 12:9, Paul tells us God’s response to his pleas for relief from his own personal trial: "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." it reminds us that even in our hard times God will always show us and show His faithfulness as our faith is strengthened.

Exercising Faith in Trials

Faith must not be passive, it demands works of putting trust in Jesus, a deliberate choice to believe in God's promises even when the evidence seems contrary. Exercising faith means looking beyond our current circumstances and focusing on the eternal and unchanging nature of God. When we decide to trust God in our trials, we acknowledge His sovereignty and His ability to work things out for our good (Romans 8:28).

This act of faith is not ignoring the difficulties we face but a declaration that God is greater than any problem, that He is the God of all things that are possible. Each time we choose faith over fear, our trust in God is strengthened with immense growth, and our relationship with Him grows deeply.

Leaning on God Rather Than Earthly Crutches

It is so easy to lean on other people, money, or even our own plans. However, trials often shatter these temporary supports, revealing their unreliability. Jeremiah 17:5-8 makes a vivid contrast between those who trust in mankind and those who trust in the Lord. The former are like a shrub in the desert, dry and destitute, whereas the latter are like trees planted by water, never fearing the heat or drought.

Leaning on God requires us to step out deeper in our faith in Jesus over our earthly dependencies. It's about seeking Christ's wisdom, direction, and strength, which only comes through prayer, meditation, on His word.

Growing Through the Word

The Bible is not just an old dusty book; it is the living, breathing divine word of God (Hebrews 4:12). Setting apart a daily time to read the bible is crucial because it not only educates us about God's character but also reminds us of His faithfulness throughout history. Examples of men and women in the bible like Abraham, Joseph, Ruth, and Paul all faced crucial trials. Yet, their stories are great testimonials of trust in God’s plan and wisdom. They did not have their paths easy or even a short cut, yet each story bends towards redemption and awesome fulfillment of God’s promises.

The more we read and understand these stories in the Bible, the more our faith is increasing. Seeing Christ`s hand at work in the lives of these men and women helps strengthen our understanding that God is just as present in our lives today. The Bible serves as a great faith mirror, showing us who dwells inside of us.

The Outcome of Trusting God

As our faith is exercised it increases and our relationship with God grows, which in turn also grows our spiritual maturity. We begin to see trials as an opportunity to refine and grow in faith. James 1:2-4 encourages believers to consider it pure joy when facing trials, because these trials produce perseverance, leading to mature and complete faith, lacking nothing.

Indeed, it is not an easy journey, and the growth process of faith can be painful. However, the outcome is a faith that is robust and so worth it, a faith that is steadfast, and a life for Christ that stands as a testament to God’s sustaining power.


Trusting God through trials is never easy, but as you grow through each trial you learn to trust Him more as you see the results of growth in faith and a God that brings you through time and time again.


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