What does God of the hills and valley mean?

 What does God of the hills and valley mean?

As humans, we will most likely always have ups and downs in this life. This is something expected in this fallen world, having those good and bad days! Those hills ( great days!) those valleys ( not so great day). In the bible, there is a verse found in 1 Kings 20:28 which states..."This is what the Lord says: Because the Amrameans think the Lord is a god of the valleys, I will deliver this vast army into your hands and you will know that I am the Lord."

You can see clearly here when the Israelites were in battle. They were in battle on the hillside, and their enemies sought to trap them in the lower valleys! Their enemies believed if they could get them in the lower valley they could defeat them! Oh but the God that they served had other plans! God declared to those who opposed the Israelites that He would show Himself true! That God would deliver them even in the tough times, no valleys can stop God`s deliverances!

I know life may get extremely tough, and you may feel like you are walking through that valley alone, but know this! You serve a God who is a God that delivers whether you are in the hills or in the lowest part of the valley!  God is more than able to prove Himself time and time again that He alone is God! There is nothing that He can not deliver you from!

Today, if you going through the valley you are not alone! Your God can deliver you right where you are! Seek Him in prayers and allow Him to move!



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