God`s help in time of trouble

He came to a gentle stop at the red light patiently waiting for the light to turn red. My husband just moments earlier had descended off of the Kentucky Highway! That highway drive is one that needed many prayers to bravely journey!
If you are familiar with the Kentucky highways, you will understand the craziness of never-ending construction! As the light turns green, he presses the accelerator to move forward, but the steering wheel only moves in circles! He was not going anywhere! He was stranded!

That day my husband got his truck towed home and my dad stopped by to take a look at it. He went over every detail of the truck until he came to the problem! A bolt that should have never come loose was loose! But this was not the most shocking part of the chaotic event. If the vehicle bolt had loose not at the red light but while going 65mph moments earlier on the expressway, my husband would have had no way to control his vehicle! Without steering he would have certainly crashed!

God had control that day as He always does! There are many days where we don`t see him working on our behalf but Jesus is always there, just as the Psalms states clearly in Psalms 91:11 For He will give His angels CHARGE over us!

Whatever you are going through today know that God will always remain faithful! He is faithful to His word! He will never leave you or forsake you, He has you covered!


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