Growing in Christ: My Savior!

Have you ever met someone, who was just so amazing? So amazing, that you had to tell everyone about that person ? A friend that is very talented, kindhearted, successful, and just plain awesome to be around!

I have! I have this friend! He is just completely unique! One of a kind ! He is loving to the point of having a unconditional love! He always answers me, when I call! He is there for me through thick and thin, with His wise counseling! He always fights every battle for me! He is the perfect shoulder to cry on and cast every care upon. He never judges anyone's appearances, and believes in giving everyone multiple chances! He feeds the hungry! He heals the sick! Walks on water! Cast out demons, Raises the dead! And even can turn water into wine! 

But that is not what makes him so awesome! What makes him so extraordinary, is that He actually laid down His life, for my life! He took my penalties, charges, and judgment upon himself! He took my place, for my crimes!!

He is just the Greatest! My friend name is Jesus! But I like to call Him ... My Savior!!

Have a bless day in Christ! Love Sis Rashida!


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